Choose Happy

I want to empower you with inspiration and self help tools to help you choose happy every day.

Choose Happy is about no longer living your life on autopilot.  With an intentional living mindset, you start to feel empowered to live the life you really want.  The Choose Happy affirmation deck contains 30 heart-centered affirmations to guide you in living a happy and healthy life.

What makes these affirmations unique is that they’re written by the author who used affirmations to get passed her feelings of depression and to finally give herself permission to Choose Happy.

This is a beautiful gift to give to a loved one and, to yourself.

“I love my Choose Happy affirmation cards because they are beautifully written and displayed, and it doesn't take long to read one each day, yet it has such a positive impact on my day. The cards are thought-provoking and inspirational with helpful guidance on how to put those inspirations into action in our daily lives! Thank you, Marie, for creating these heart-centred gems to assist us all create a happier and more joy-filled life!”

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CH - Front Cover

With love, I am sharing with you the affirmations I use daily to empower you on your Choose Happy journey:

Choose Happy Affirmation Card Deck AND Canadian Red Cedar Wooden Stand

  • 30 heart-centered affirmation cards to guide you in living a happy and healthy life.
  • Short yet powerful positive statements to influence our behaviors and habits is the basis of each affirmation card.
  • Handmade Canadian Western Cedar wood stand to display your card. 
  • Your purchase includes membership to the Choose Happy Facebook community.  Join here.
  • Purchase the card deck HERE – Includes FREE shipping within Canada and the United States


“I love my Choose Happy affirmation card deck! Thank you, Marie, for opening your heart and sharing the impactful messages that go far beyond “positive thinking.” I use these cards daily and it’s been supportive of my mental health in many ways. I’ve noticed that when I meditate on a Choose Happy affirmation and follow the suggested action, the volume gets turned down on my annoying inner critic! I used to blindly “pull” a card and then allow the message to settle into my consciousness which was a fun way to familiarize myself with the deck. However, I now use them with more intention because the benefits are greater if I examine what’s going on in my mind and then select an affirmation that’s aligned with my needs. Some of the benefits I’ve experienced as a result of the Choose Happy affirmations include feeling empowered, more worthy, less fearful, and more capable of self-love. Thanks also for the handmade Canadian Cedar stand, the aroma transports me to the bliss of being in the forest and life doesn’t get much better than that in my mind!”
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